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Curator of the Alter-Worlds

Hsinmei Lin (May) teaches writing at the University of Washington, Bothell. She earned her Ph.D. in English Literature in 2019 from the University of Washington, Seattle, with specializations in 19th-century American poetry, 20th-century Sinophone poetry, world literature, translation studies, animal studies, and ecocriticism. Currently, she is working on her manuscript "The Poetics of Worlding: Nonhuman Cartographers and the Becoming of Histories," an interdisciplinary project which proposes alternative ways of world-building and history-making that decenter human activities via the lens of 19th-century American and 20th-century Sinophone animal-focused poems. This website is an extension of her manuscript project and serves as a site where authors (aka world-builders) from various backgrounds showcase their personal, unique world-making projects that uncover a multiplicity of alter-worlds of interspecies co-living and co-creation.

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